Thursday, April 19, 2012

Piotr Anderszewski: Rudolfinum, Dvorak Concert Hall, Prague, 24 08 2010

Anderszewski is one of the best pianists of the "young" (hit forty, so he's not that young) generation.

A solo recital given in Prague last year.
The program is almost identical in form to his Carnegie Hall live CD set, with some minor differences.

A note for those who like their music burned:
Unfortunately, like the Carnegie Hall CDs, this recital just manages not to fit on a single CD, unless you buy an extended 800 MB/ 90 minute CDR.

The set list follows. Details are on the CD cover within the archive.

CD 1:
J.S. Bach – English Suite no. 5 in E minor BWV 810
Robert Schumann – Sechs Stücke in kanonischer Form op.56

CD 2:
Karol Szymanowski – Métopes op. 29
Ludwig van Beethoven – Sonata no. 31 in A flat major op. 110

Leoš Janáček – V mlhách – Molto adagio

I have been experiencing some difficulties with recording from the radio, so there may be some glitches here and there that I have not been able to remove. I hope these will not interfere with the music experience.


Sandflyer said...

For visitors old and new:
This is the same concert I uploaded on this blog a while back. It took me some time to get back to restoring the blog after the powers that be fried the old links.

FLAC, individual files ~340 MB

sasha said...

thank you from kiev! i went to this concert, and these were two and half of my favourite hours of 2010. it must have been an unordinary event for anderszewski too - it was an extremely intense performance, also quite longer than usual.

Sandflyer said...

My pleasure. Glad you like it.