Monday, April 23, 2012

Stanisław Skrowaczewski, Nat'l Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra - Skrowaczewski, Bruckner - Katowice, Academy of Music Concert Hall 13 05 2011

A concert given in spring of last year by the aging Polish master Brucknerian.

The first part comprised a single work composed by the conductor - Passacaglia Immaginaria (a work composed in 1995 - this version revised in 2010) runs at 22 minutes and is a modern work, with romantic overtones, somewhat in the vein of late Penderecki. Quite listenable.

The second part of the concert was Bruckner's mammoth 8th Symphony. This is not stuff for the squeamish and actually sitting through the symphony played live requires above-average powers of concentration.
If you listen carefully to the very beginning of the Finale, there was almost a train wreck - the brass messes up the rhythm over the tam ta-tam tam ta-tam of the strings, but they pull together within a measure or so.


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This is the same concert I uploaded on this blog a while back. It took me some time to get back to restoring the blog after the powers that be fried the old links.

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