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Stanisław Skrowaczewski - Bruckner and Skrowaczewski - Katowice, 09 05 2003

As I have already mentioned, Stanisław Skrowaczewski is Poland's great Brucknerian, a counterpart to such experts as Jochum or Böhm.
Skrowaczewski has recorded the complete Bruckner symphony cycle for Arte Nova with the Saarbrücken Radio Orchestra (now out of print, I believe, with the label part of Sony Classical).

This, part of a concert celebrating Skrowaczewski's 80th birthday, features the conductor's Concerto for Orchestra, with a clear reference to Bruckner in the second Adagio, bearing the subtitle "Anton Bruckners Himmelfahrt" (Bruckner's Heavenly Journey).
The second work is the conductor's sublime orchestration of the Adagio from Bruckner's String Quintet, a massive chamber work.
The second half of the concert featured Brahms' 4th symphony, which I did not record, but which is available on a CD devoted to the work of Skrowaczewski and issued by Polish Radio.

The set list:

01 - Adagio from String Quintet (orch. by Stanisław Skrowaczewski)

Stanisław Skrowaczewski (b. 1923)
Concerto for Orchestra
02 - Adagio misterioso
03 - Adagio (Anton Bruckners Himmelfahrt)

National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra
Stanisław Skrowaczewski - conductor

Live FM broadcast.
Originally recorded to Maxell UD II CD chrome tape.

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