Friday, May 18, 2012

Krzysztof Penderecki - The 75th Birthday Concert - National Philharmonic Concert Hall, Warsaw - 21 11 2008

The Maestro's 75th birthday brought about a large number of events throughout the year. This concert was pretty close to the actual date (23rd November).
The young and talented Łukasz Borowicz led the Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra (not to be confused with the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra Katowice) and an international host of soloists in a nice set of Penderecki's rather recent works.
I ripped this one from Programme 2's internet stream, converted the resultant file to WAV, processed and then squished it back to FLAC, so the sound quality is kind of grainy, but otherwise fairly clear.
I never went back to this method again, because later Programme 2's stream deteriorated into something quite unlistenable.

The set list:
  • Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra (a version of the Concerto for Viola and Orchestra)
  • Largo for Cello and Orchestra
  • Agnus Dei for Eight Cellos (arr. by Boris Pergamenschikov)
  • Concerto for Viola and Orchestra

The clarinet soloist was Michel Lethiec.
The cello soloist was Arto Noras.
The viola soloist was Tabea Zimmermann.
Agnus Dei was performed by the Warsaw Cellonet Group, consisting of Andrzej Bauer, Michał Bożykowski, Marcin Zdunik, Robert Dacko, Bartosz Koziak, Karol Marianowski, Mikołaj Pałosz and Rafał Kwiatkowski.


Sandflyer said...

FLAC, individual files ~369 MB

Alyosha Mikhailov said...

Hello! Can you reupload these records, please? They are so interesting!

Sandflyer said...

Alyosha, as you can probably guess, I stopped running this blog. If you wish, I can send you this music. You just need to give me an email address and I could upload the files to some file transfer host.

Also, please note that these are not "records" - ie these are not CDs released by any company. They are my private recordings of radio broadcasts of live performances of music, composers or performers that I found interesting.

Alyosha Mikhailov said...
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Alyosha Mikhailov said...

Thank you very much!

My e-mail:

About "records": sorry, I know English is not very good, and so I chose not exact word. But I understand that it's recording from radio.