Thursday, June 14, 2012

Witold Lutosławski In Memoriam concert - S1 Studio of the Polish Radio - 07 02 1999

This concert took place on the occasion of Lutosławski's 5th death anniversary and consisted solely of the composer's works.
Two late works for voice and orchestra are interspersed with three short Postludes and concluded with a perennial favourite - the Concerto for Orchestra.
Overall a nice performance by one of Poland's best orchestras under the direction of their then boss Antoni Wit, before he undertook a position at the National Philharmonic. The soloists are Adam Kruszewski and Zofia Kilanowicz.

In contradiction to my usual manner, I deleted all applause except after the last work in order to fit the music on a single CD.
Maybe I regret this now, but there is no going back, as I delete the original source recording after I complete editing.

The set list:
Postlude I
Les Espaces du Sommeil
Postlude II
Chantefleurs et Chantefables
Postlude III
Concerto for Orchestra

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